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 Furniture Restoration & Repair in Tampa, Florida
 Add decades of life to your furniture with antique restoration by Artisan Furniture Repair Services in Tampa, Florida. For furniture repair and refinishing, Stephen is simply the best. Don't miss the gallery page for samples of Stephen's work.
Furniture Repair
Each job is assessed for structural integrity and for missing, replaced, or reproduced parts. Loose, wobbly joints, legs, and support pieces are disassembled and cleaned of all former adhesive residue. The re-gluing and clamping process ensures renewed strength and durability for normal use.
Hand Stripping
Unlike aggressive "dip and strip" techniques, we remove old finish by hand, which is a gentle process that removes old finish and paint from the surface of your wood without breaking down important adhesives. This process eliminates potential future problems. 
Each style and period of furniture dictates the type of finish to give it an authentic restored appearance. Finishes come in a range of sheen's, such as dead flat, flat, satin, semi gloss, and high gloss.

Claims Specialist
Moving or insurance damages? We have been providing estimates and or repairs to the general public as well as the moving and insurance industries for over 20 years. 95% of all repair work is performed in the customers home. Let our expertise help you!

Furniture Repair Includes But Not Limited to: 
• In home repairs 
Moving damages 
Fabricate and replace missing parts
Scratches, nicks, scrapes, gouges
• Reinforce loose joints
• Repair broken wood parts
• Upholstery repairs 
Leather and vinyl repair
Pet damage 
Transit property damage 
• Glass replacement
• 100% guarantee on all workmanship
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Zip codes serviced: 335, 336, 337, 338, 342, 346